Did you know?

1.Slow tempo music, significantly increases the time and money spent in your venue. (Caldwell and Hibbert, 2002)

2. 90% of people would select a shop that was playing music over one that was not (VisionCritical 2012)

3. 81% of people worked faster when listening to music (MindLab 2014)

4. Instore music can actually influence product choice. In a landmark supermarket trial, when French music was played French wine outsold German by 3:1. When German music was played, German wine outsold French by 2:1 (North, Hargreaves &McKendrick 1997)

5. In restaurants, jazz, classical and popular music were found to be more likely to produce higher spending (20.4%) than musak or no music at all! (Wilson (2003)

6. 98% of staff who work in stores without music agree that playing music would make them feel more motivated while working. The same number agree that playing music in store would improve staff mood (RED 2013)

7. 74% felt less nervous when music was being played in the waiting room (VisionCritical 2012)

8. 88% of people work most accurately when listening to music (Mindlab 2014)

MoodMaster® has been providing state-of-the-art entertainment systems to venues of all sizes in Ireland for over 40 years. Our focus is on helping businesses get the right music and media fit to keep customers coming back for more. We were the first company to bring jukeboxes to Ireland, so you could say the music starts with us!
 MoodMaster® is also part of Automatic Amusements, the Number 1 supplier of digital jukeboxes, digital background music systems, pool tables and gaming machines to pubs, hotels & restaurants in Ireland.

MoodMaster provide a sophisticated modular media management system. You need to entertain in order to retain and our technology solutions do so much more than simply finding the right music fit. We work with each client to assess your business needs and budget and, based on that, we design a system that can give you the edge on your competitors. Whether we provide you with hardware solutions or integrate our systems with your own infrastructure, you will end up with a system that will deliver on all your in-venue needs. Our Background Music, Video and Digital Screen systems are the answer to creating the right mood in your business at any time of the day. Cutting edge technology and an unrivalled expertise in the world of sound and audio branding enables us to supply a quality product designed to create the perfect ambience for your venue, shop or office. So, whether it’s to create a relaxed, easygoing vibe during the day or an uptempo, vibrant ambience at night, we’ll design a personal programme that will help you attract the right clientele and make them stay longer.