Music Box

Music Box is a sophisticated background music system and is exclusive to MoodMaster®. It simplifies the way which you can communicate with your customers, with the option of handling up to 32,000 tracks in 50 different categories.
Our team will show you how our bespoke music profiling system not only identifies the music that fits best with your business, but generates the perfect musical mix throughout the day to create the ideal atmosphere at different times. This complete ambient control means that you can manage how your customers react and behave on an hourly basis.

Music Box is also a powerful retail marketing tool as advertisements and messages can be incorporated on a continuous or ad hoc basis within the optimum mix of music for your business.

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  1. Installed free of charge
  2. Pre-programming of a music fit makes sure that the right tempo is matched to the particular period of the day
  3. It is expertly constructed to allow fitting and programming in a matter of minutes
  4. Monthly updates of music with up to 150 songs on each update
  5. Option to mix and match by tempo and category
  6. Gives an unprecedented level of control, flexibility and security
  7. Requires no on-going maintenance
  8. The use of timers means that there is no need to turn the system on and off, music will start to play and finish at specified times
  9. Password protection to avoid staff interference

  10. Comes with MoodMaster’s guarantee of 7 days a week service, 52 weeks a year

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Check out some of the images below to see how Music Box looks in action.

Play a mix of 'Classic Hits' (1) and '00s Classics' (18), slow tempo (S) from 8am to 1pm on Mondays
Play no music between 8am and 12 noon on Wednesdays
Play a mix of 'Classic Hits' (1) and '00s Classics' (18), medium and fast tempos (MF) from 1pm to 6pm on Mondays